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REGISTER NOW - GCA-2nd Workshop Wednesday

August 8th, 2018 - HR Topics

The GCA will host its 2nd WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY on Aug 8th at 9AM.  This online workshop will include topics related to HR compliance and guidelines and will include several segments containing topics ranging from NEW HIRE CHECKLIST, IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, LICENSING, EMPLOYMENT LAWS AND RULES, PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTING, ONBOARDING PRACTICES, UNEMPLOYMENT, SEPARATION NOTICES AND EVEN COMMON EMPLOYER MISTAKES.  This workshop is heavy in topics that owners and managers should not miss.  

To register, please use the link below to access the registration form.  Email your completed registration forms, including your credit card payment information to   Once your email is received, you will be sent/emailed a participation link for the 1+ hour - online session.

Need more information, please contact Susan Mena at the GCA office at 770-490-6810

Workshop Wednesday REGISTRATION FORM


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